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As a musician I’ve always enjoyed playing and creating with many different artists, whether it’s a one-off project or a more permanent set up.

Doing sessions is all about communication. Finding out what a producer or other musician wants from you, to help create their music.

Then you have to use your abilities and experience as a drummer to deliver it. Your target is a satisfied client that lets you know you’ve done your job!

You won the prize for being the most professional musician on the tour and giving me what I needed.
Art Garfunkel

Of all the drummers I’ve used, Woody was the one who gave me the most of what I wanted.
David Bowie

Of the 250 drummers we auditioned you were the one who was interested in getting it right and playing what we wanted.”
Kevin Rowland (Dexys M Runners)

Woody Woodmansey playing an excellent round of dr-dr-drums.”
back cover of David Bowie’s ‘Hunky Dory’ album.