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3-D – Check out my project, 3-D, with my son Dan: www.3dproject.co.uk

Cymbalswww.zildjian.com  I use Zildjian cymbals all the time, I am very well looked after by Tina and the gang, who keep me well informed of what’s happening.

Bowiewww.davidbowie.com  You know why this is here!

Photographswww.mickrock.com Mick started his photographic career at the same time as Bowie started, he was with us in those early days and he’s gone on to photograph just about anyone who’s anyone in the business, great guy!

Website design – www.artisanwebsites.co.uk – Thanks for the new site Tracey, getting a great response. Check out Tracey’s site.

Future Primitive – album now available to buy – click here.